Product Care

You are the proud owner of a set of uniform that has been specially designed for you. Before wearing the uniform, please observe the following washing guide for a more comfortable and hygienic wear.

• Handy tips: Before you wash your garments, take these precautions:
– Button / hook up any buttons, hooks, zip zippers, etc
– Tie sashes, cords, straps, etc to prevent tangling
– Check pockets for coins, tissues, pens, etc
– Remove anything from the garment that cannot be washed,
e.g. badges
– Repair tears so that they won’t become larger with further washing

• Wash uniform with like-coloured clothings.
• Ensure water temperature does not exceed 30 degrees centigrade for hand wash or machine wash.
• Do not use bleach or washing detergent containing chlorine.
• Do not soak dark coloured fabric. Rinse under room temperature water to remove the 1st dye run, followed by washing with mild detergent gently.
• Do not soak uniform in washing detergent for more than 15 minutes.
• When drying, turn clothes inside out to prevent colour fading from harsh sunlight.
• For best results, remove clothes from the washing machine and dry garments as soon as the water cycle has completed. Do not tumble dry.
• Do not iron clothes that are made of 100% polyester or fabric that does not have cotton content.
• Do not iron on embroidery or prints on uniform.
• Shanghai School Uniforms is not responsible for any damages caused by mishandling or negligence by customer.